Expert driving tuition throughout Navan.

Learn to drive in 2024 with iDrive.

We can provide specialised guidance to learner drivers of all stages, from absolute beginners to those who have already obtained some driving experience.

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We provide Driving Lessons in Navan, Co. Meath. Based in Slane, iDrive Ireland provides a refreshing approach to instruction offering EDT driving lessons and driving test preparation covering the Navan driving test centre routes in a relaxed, friendly and safe environment.

Using a recognised system, approved by the Road Safety Authority, we can offer expert tuition to all levels of learner driver. With over 500+ successful students since our inception, iDrive won’t fail you.


ADI check test competencies achieved.


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Magnetic learner plates lost.

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Mastering the skill of driving and successfully obtaining your driving license is an incredibly fulfilling achievement in life. The idea may be daunting at first, but the instant you start the engine and set off, you’ll recognise that you’ve made a significant stride towards unlocking a realm full of new possibilities. 

Allow us to assist you in discovering and reaching your full potential as a driver.

Real People. Real Results.

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We'll Drive YOU to Success.

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Are you prepared to steer your journey towards becoming a proficient driver? Get in touch with us today to arrange your initial driving lesson and set the wheels in motion.

Expert driving tuition, structured to your needs in a friendly and safe environment.

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